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Order DDoS on your website or server?
Identify, we will test are eliminated.

The service is commissioned by DDoS attacks

Order service DDoS attacks to verify your server or site vulnerability in fault tolerance under a high load.

We have a huge set of tools so that you can order quality DDoS attacks and remain comfortable with the outcome.

Our experts will not only test the site but also give quality advice on any questions.

Price list for services

  1. For the site, the server on Shared hosting price of 50$.
  2. For the site, the server on a VPS server price from 75$.
  3. For the site, the server on VDS server price from 100$.
  4. For the site, the server uses the services of anti-DDoS companies price from 400$.
  5. Blocking domain (site) at the registrar of 1000$.
  6. Flood number (Cell, landline) from 75$.

Contact Details

Contact for more information on services

  • Telegram: @ddosblack
  • Email:


Terms and Ddos service read carefully carried out strictly. As a customer and supplier.

  1. Do not work without payment, debt, credit, and if you decide to order DDoS attack with 5 bucks in your pocket can pass by and look for others.
  2. Tests do not do any of the beliefs or for beautiful eyes, nor for 15 bucks, we decided to place an order ddos-then prepare money and remember, this service is not for the poor. Testers, resellers services shkolota and other vermin clog internet go past and let's not make attempts to get DDoS service for free.
  3. You decided to book DDoS attack, such as pay day and a couple of hours decided to stop it on their own initiative? In this case, the means do not return, we work as much as we paid for, and stop attacks your fault, it's just your problem.
  4. Refunds issued in the following cases, the site on which the order is made DDoS moved to a secure server and the price of attack increased. But your budget does not provide for this. For the remaining time do refund. If we can not manage, we do refund.
  5. If the site is only for you, but by all accounts the host trekkers and other services he is, then I have a PC, the browser cache clean swipe, but not removal of the brain, so that your wish to order DDoS attack on the site is not running as it should.
  6. Details advise on DDoS attacks, and other ways of how to remove a competitor's site, only after payment and no different.
  7. With threats, blackmail, the FSB, the SBU, the FBI and other offices, and your bids to go to three letters.
  8. Checkout Checkout ddos using the following CSE: Webmoney, Yandex Money, Kiwi, PayPal, Perfect Money, well, for the convenience of the customer and may discuss other payment methods.
  9. For anonymous communication are willing to provide, instant messengers, the server without logging, teach their use. If Vyreshili order ddos attack us and made ​​the payment. This service is absolutely free.
  10. Just read the rules proceed to the order, payment order you automatically agree to these rules.
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: No blackmail or extortion in, any other topics not violate the laws he took part.

About Us

About our service and the services that we offer are: Who are we? The team consists of several people, each of which is strong in its field and is an ace in it. someone can easily perform a DDoS on the order of any complexity and for any resource. without wasting your precious time and time customer. work starts immediately as soon as all details were discussed and the client decided to book DDoS attack and paid it. No wires feeding breakfasts etc empty promises. Who of us is able to hack mail to order, whether it is e-mail mail, Yandex or gmayl particularly interested clients often breaking corporate e-mail, which in itself is fun is not malostoyaschih, but at the same time bringing good information and profit. 

So, our experts are ready to provide you with this service as a DDoS attack on the phone, or in other words, flood number incessant calls, whether mobile or landline phone, which again is very advantageous because it is possible to block the job of one person and the whole company is worth only order number or flood attack on the phone, and all clients will be able to reach businesses and individuals providing any services. Consequently, these customers can come to you and make a profit, you'll have, and not competitors, so often, our customers do take orders, namely trying to order ddos the site and parallel to the flood attack on the phone, so it simply obvalivaya business competitors. 

What else can we do? Yes a lot, valet lock domain guaranteed from 30 to 45 days. That is, the domain will be disabled on a per registrar and will not work, this service is often used by clients who are competitors on the expensive anti ddos hosting and DDoS attack on the site will be a thousand or more dollars a day and Sait should be switched off for two weeks or more. Therefore, many choose not to do DDoS order and take advantage of blocking domain. How we do it, working methods and our cunning, we are of course you will not tell, but do quality and service for a long time. of course you should not ask us to block domains such as Google or mail, of such a request, we just have some fun. All the details of blocking domain, contact our operators on these means of communication. 

Well, another one of our services is of course hacking on order. Here we can not only drain the site database, or get admin rights, but also to gain access to the server and destroy the site entirely in order. Naturally in this service is the same as in the nuances of DDoS services etc, specify them with our experts, just remember if you have not answered one number ICQ contact to another online around the clock and we always look forward to and welcome new customers decided to order a DDoS attack, hacking the site or a flood of mobile phones with burglary mail. Contact we work efficiently, quickly and anonymously as possible, last year alone, we spent hundreds of successful attacks on various sites, including the sites of different governments and government agencies. We know our business and qualitatively perform all declared our services.

Additional services from the team

  1. Identify vulnerabilities on servers in an SQL
  2. Stress test biasing's multiple requests for the definition of fault tolerance for large visits (Emulation DDoS) attacks.
  3. Scanning servers on the subject of vulnerabilities according to the list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
  4. Check for the presence of vulnerabilities Tipo XSS and CSRF.
  5. Professional advice relating to the security of Internet resource.
Nowadays, in the age of modern information technology business, politics, television, newspapers, and for a long time to come to grips their niche not only in our daily life, but also successfully established and developed on the Internet. get hold of your site is not a problem even for people who practically do not understand this book's easy and you create it, but remember that you are not alone on the network and you have thousands and all just need to be on the very first lines of the search engines, and therefore not easily only order the creation of the site, but just as easy to order and what be an attack on the poster competition. one of the most common types of attacks is ddos attack, to paint and to deeply understand the mere sight of an attack I will not tell only briefly. This is when your Sait get hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of visitors at a time and begin to make multiple requests to Sait its pages. As a result, the server is not time to execute all commands and becomes congested and consequently decreases, ie, disconnected. Well if you have developed your Sait and it turned involuntary DDoS attack, that is, it's just a lot of visitors at a time, instead of competitors decided to book a DDoS you. In this case, you only need to buy a more powerful server to deliver advertising affiliate program and watch how the money will drip your pocket with them. Well, if it's all the same enemies, the enemies? who want to push you to the first lines of the search engines themselves and take this place? And therefore make a profit at the expense of selling goods and services if the site is an online shop online or simply advertising or donation? So they do not spare money and decided to place an order DDoS attacks on your Sait? then all of a lot worse ... and so in this article, we discuss why why someone decides to buy DDoS attack on a particular site. I must say that ddos service is a service to the poor and not order it can only be a person who has at least a small finance and it's not five or ten dollars. Prices on request DDoS attacks begin to grow from 50 to 1000 dollars and above all depends on the severity of the resource, its themes and security. The first option, when users decide to order a DDoS is online stores. They bring real money, and the owners whose sites on the necessary inquiries are located on the first positions in the search engine results have a good income, given that the Internet is now selling trinkets from apartments to competition in this segment is very high, hence the book DDoS attack that can easily on any competitor. The second game servers as pirated and official considering that fans of online games and millions all want abruptly armor, sword, tank, etc and then the owners of these servers are removed a good profit, and therefore they do not want competitors, especially the server who often suffer only just trying to get up and develop as a rule all the owners have invested in the rent, etc and good protection against DDoS they have no money, so 90 percent of the servers very quickly cease to exist. Well, who will play on the server and even more to pay for the game and all the right things when the server is permanent, and competitors have made a booking DDoS at him and promptly pay attack performers. naturally all players will go on normally and stably working server. Another category is Saitov news sites as the major online publication and small news agencies, DDoS attacks on an order for such resources are constant and well paid, especially if the media resource independent and blackens the powers that be, then this resource is its employees need to stock up not only nerves but also money for protection against DDoS attacks. Because ddos resources such book very often, especially when they light up properly a particular situation or event in the world especially in the inter-state level. For example seichas in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, are often subjected to DDoS attacks as Russian sites advocating the view Russian and Ukrainian defending the views of the government of Ukraine. Who decides to buy DDoS attack on such sites do not presume to guess, but such order ddos paid generously and often with bonuses in a good performance. And sites like rule book is not one or two, and a few pieces, and even tens of such a large and powerful DDoS attack on an order worth more than a thousand dollars a day. and of course another category Saitov suffering as a result of DDoS attacks is Saito various political parties and organizations. policy are people without morals and principles and order ddos attack on Sait his opponent for them that spit and grind. Especially when elections are coming and the fight for seats poidet mandates, authority, and therefore money. here to order DDoS attacks do not spare no means ready to pay a lot and the whole election campaign, because they know that if he wins all expenses will pay hundreds and thousands of times for the first month. Sometimes comes to funny political rivals decide to order a DDoS attack on the site in a single service, but of course without knowing it, and the people who took the order execution DDoS attacks like just a joy as the profit obtained in the double size. So, there is another category of people who want to order a DDoS inexpensive or free in most any kind of a humiliated on forums, insulted, Banned admins students they tend to have no money and they are constantly crying and begging for a test DDoS attack for 15 minutes in the various services ddos service which, in principle, enough, but what is good, many of which such tests do not have a freebie, and require a minimum payment. so I hasten to disappoint fans of a freebie book DDoS attack for 15 minutes and for free you will not succeed. We only work with serious clients and penny amount we are not interested, you decided to book DDoS? Do it for us. Quality and anonymity is guaranteed. Yes, and in our service you can order hack site in its various versions. In addition to our services, and are such as blocking domain removing unnecessary articles and videos. Write waiting for your orders.